5 Ways to Upgrade Your Landscape This Fall

Any landscape, much like any aspect of life, can fall into a state of comfortable routine. As the seasons pass, pavements crack, shrubs lose their luster, and outdated elements begin to show their age. If your outdoor sanctuary has grown stagnant and its charm has dimmed, it might be time to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new. 

Luckily, the upcoming fall season presents the perfect opportunity to infuse new life into your outdoor haven. So, let's explore five inspiring ways to upgrade your landscape this fall!

1) Expand Your Entertainment Area 

Don't miss out on enjoying Georgia's beautiful weather year-round just because your current setup is showing wear and tear. If you're dealing with cracks, unevenness, and diminishing durability, consider updating your hardscape. This simple upgrade can effortlessly expand your entertainment space.

  • Outdoor Kitchen - An outdoor kitchen offers multiple benefits, including hosting parties, enjoying more outdoor time, and saving on energy bills and restaurant expenses.

The beauty of it is, you don't need an extravagant setup for it to make a meaningful impact. Even a modest extension of your existing patio or an additional area in your backyard, equipped with essentials like a grill and a mini fridge, all nestled amidst a beautiful stone of your choice, can be the perfect upgrade.

  • Water Features - Enhance your landscape with the serenity of water features. The sight and sound of water can truly soothe and relax, whether through classic fountains or seamlessly integrated naturalistic ponds.

  • Pergolas & Other Shade Structures - If you're seeking more outdoor leisure time without scorching in the sun, a shade structure is the perfect addition. Pergolas, for instance, are versatile outdoor structures that invite the sky in while allowing for the addition of plants to provide additional shade. They can even be fitted with fabric shades that offer flexibility, allowing you to adapt to changing weather conditions.


2) Experiment with Contemporary Elements 

If the idea of revitalizing your Georgia residential landscape has been tugging at you, the time has arrived to dive into the world of modern design. This design approach embraces the essence of simplicity, elegance, and charm. 


When you contemplate elevating aspects like your patio, walkway, steps, pergolas, or planter beds, envision the infusion of deep steels, rich greys, and the dark allure of wood stains for your planter boxes, benches, and privacy walls.

These elements harmonize seamlessly, introducing captivating lines and harmonious spacing to your landscape. And with embracing modern trends, this upgrade could even enhance the value of your home!

3) Embrace Native Plantings 

Are your property's flowers, shrubs, and trees displaying signs of haphazard planting, growing against your foundation, or simply not thriving as they should? Have you been dealing with plants that have outgrown their designated spaces or ones that never quite flourished? 

Consider opting for plants that are naturally suited to our Georgia climate. Not only do these plants age gracefully, but they also have a significant role in supporting our pollinator friends. Simply switch out your struggling plants with resilient and hardy natives such as coreopsis, purple coneflower, black-eyed Susan, muhly grass, butterfly bush, and phlox!

Fall is an excellent time to add new plants to your landscape due to the warm soil. It's also a perfect moment to introduce different trees such as oaks, tupelos, ginkgo, sweet bay, white dogwood, and magnolias.

4) Switch to Smart Irrigation 

Few things are as detrimental to your plant's health and longevity as an outdated irrigation setup. When your timing settings go awry, zoning is off, or coverage is inconsistent, your cherished landscape can suffer.

Smart irrigation systems bring an array of features to the table, from responding automatically to rainfall and deactivating when unneeded, to dispensing precise amounts of water exactly where and when it's required. This transformation isn't merely an upgrade – it's a revolution in how you care for your landscape.


And the perks extend beyond lush gardens. You'll find that this investment saves you both time and money. With intuitive smartphone apps, you can effortlessly monitor and manage your irrigation system, allowing your landscape to thrive in ways you've never imagined

5) Light Up Your Outdoor Space

Consider taking your outdoor oasis to the next level by introducing enchanting lighting. The impact of well-placed lights reaches far beyond aesthetics, radiating a sense of tranquility, convenience, and security throughout your landscape.

The best part? The possibilities are endless and the process is hassle-free. From charming string lights that weave a magical atmosphere to elegant light ribbons, thematic lanterns, path lights that guide your way, stairway lighting for added safety, and the ingenuity of recessed lighting designed to blend with nature – the choices are as varied as your imagination.


Whether you're inclined towards the crisp brilliance of bright whites or the soothing ambiance of softer tones, lighting offers you the power to curate the atmosphere that perfectly suits your landscape.

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Our comprehensive services include mowing, edging, blowing, pest management, weed and leaf removal, landscape lighting, and irrigation management, as well as tree and shrub pruning.
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