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Creation Through Vision 

We design with the future in mind, so that as our work matures it becomes even more stunning and more useful.

This type of thoughtful creation takes vision. It takes cooperation. The vision for the space is yours. It is our job is to realize it.

Seamless flow — two words that are the North Star in every one of our landscape designs. The inspiration and groundwork behind every T.Lake designed landscape starts with an on-site client interview. This allows us to evaluate the possibilities of the space and gain a first-hand understanding of what it is you want and need from your environment.

Motivated by these possibilities, we begin to envision what the landscape can become. We pare down our options to the best ideas and present them to you. From there, we decide together the best path forward and create drawings based on the perfect mix of aesthetics and function.


Landscape architecture plan for Dublin GA business districtOur bread and butter. And leading with landscape architecture, T. Lake is vertically integrated to offer a comprehensive suite of exterior management services.

From community master plans to downtown redesigns, pocket parks to business districts — no matter the complexity — T. Lake is masterful at the physical arrangement of all elements on land.

This proven skill includes the observance of local zoning parameters, the placement of structures and circulation patterns for pedestrians and vehicles as well as the enhancement of natural ecosystems and drainage systems.

Customer facing or employee patio. High aesthetics vs. a utilitarian approach. Our commercial client base is diverse and so are their demands.

That said, we are problem solvers. Our design solutions illustrate the skillful balance of four major components: emotional, functional, environmentally conscience and safety. 

When you are ready to start a discussion about the projects and challenges surrounding your landscape, fill out our contact form. You can also call our East Dublin office at 478-272-3878 or Macon office at 478-750-7733.

" Our location presented unique design issues, and through coordination with key city, county and downtown stakeholders, you were able to discern the most appropriate design needs. Your assistance was also critical in helping us meet our deadline in time for the dedication ceremony. "