Is Your (Commercial) Landscaper Cutting Corners? 6 Telltale Signs

No one wants to feel cheated or like they aren’t receiving high-quality work — especially when they are paying for it.

But unfortunately, many property managers look out at their landscapes and wonder why they look so bad and where their money is going.

If you know those feelings all too well, your landscaping company might be cutting corners.

Look for these six telltale signs to see if it’s time to find a real professional to manage your commercial landscape.

They Mow and Go (Without Inspecting)

There’s nothing wrong with a fast, efficient maintenance crew. But if they are just mowing and leaving — and never inspecting components of the property — that’s when there’s an issue.

A manager should regularly inspect things like the irrigation system, pruning issues and ensure all structural components are in good shape. That allows them to spot potential issues before they become big, expensive problems.

Overgrown grass and plants can be a clear sign the landscaper is cutting corners.Overgrowth is the New Norm

Does your formerly pristine landscape now look like a rainforest jungle?

If your property has you reaching for a machete every time you head outdoors, you’ll know the landscaper isn’t giving your landscape the level and regularity of service it deserves.

Not only are these issues unsightly, but overgrown shrubs, grass and trees can also lead to safety and security issues.

Site Becomes Home to Forest Critters

While it’s good for your property to attract wildlife like birds and butterflies, you don’t want larger animals roaming around your landscape. They can damage your property, structures and also pose safety (and liability) concerns.

Here are some solutions to keep critters away from your site:

  •      Limit overgrowth
  •      Clear the area around your building’s foundation
  •      Limit weeds on the landscape

Pests like mice and rats feed on seeds from grassy weeds, so make sure those aren’t growing around your property.

Shrubs and turf will fade if they don't have the proper fertilization.Turf and Shrubs Become Dull

Your landscape should give off a vibrant and lively vibe, not an overwhelmingly tired and worn-out one.

If your property’s turf and shrubs have become dull, that could mean the landscaper isn’t applying the correct amount of fertilizer (or isn’t applying it at all).

There are specific amounts and schedules that need to be followed with fertilizer applications to ensure it’s successful.

Limbs Are At Eye Level

No one wants his head or car to be scraped by a low-hanging tree branch. But that’s what will happen if your landscaper cuts corners with tree care.

It’s easy for spring and summer tree growth to get out of hand, which can cause safety and visibility problems.

Landscape Looks Like a Hay Field

If your maintenance team waits too long between mowing, the grass clippings are going to be large and piled up.

That’s an eyesore and makes walking across your site a messy chore.

A professional landscaper share project information with the client.Use an Experienced Landscape Professional

Just having a truck and equipment doesn’t make someone a professional commercial landscaper.

Luckily, there are easy ways to spot a quality company. Here are things to look for:

  •      Displays USDOT number on vehicles
  •      Provides pesticide licenses
  •      Has workers’ compensation and
  •       Shows you general liability certificates
  •      Uses commercial-grade, maintained equipment
  •      Focuses on safety, OSHA rules and protective equipment
  •      Workers wear shirts with logos and long pants
  •      Drives well-kept trucks with logos

Hire a professional landscaper who focuses on providing quality work — not cutting corners.

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