Plan An Autumn Escape for Your Georgia Landscape

Wow, this year has been crazy, hasn’t it? 2020 has seen a global pandemic, mass protests, political bitterness, and wildfires. Add to that the fact that this year has an election coming up and things definitely seem a bit chaotic.


In times like these, it’s important to keep going. Keep your head up. Keep doing those small things you do every day to make your life better. Exercise, eat right, make time to see friends and family, (even if it is from a distance or over an internet connection). Take a break from the pandemonium that the inside of the house might feel like with work and kids and pets, go outside, and treat yourself to a breath of fresh air.


Along with fresh air, there are significant health benefits to going outside. It’s where we get a lot of our vitamin D, which is critically important for bones, blood cells, and the immune system. It has proven effects that help reduce anxiety, something that doesn’t feel like it’s in short supply.


We have some tips that will help you make the most of your outdoor space. These will be timely tips too because now, more than ever, we could all use a bit of fresh air.

Get Those Plants In the Ground This Fall

In the South, fall is the best time of year to plant. Plants appreciate the cooler temperatures and the increased rainfall, and we don’t have to worry about the sun scorching our sweet plant babies. 


planting trees in lawn


In Georgia, we can plant all the way through to late February or early March. The weather makes the work environment a bit more pleasant too, as anyone who’s shoveled in August can attest to.


So if you have a big project you’ve been putting off, fall 2020 may be the perfect time to get it done. 

Beautify Your Space with Fall Annuals

If you’re looking to plant colorful fall annuals, you have a ton of options. Snapdragons, Violas, and Pansies are just a few of the annuals that like to take root during the Georgia fall. If you’re looking to boost the curb appeal of your business, now is the perfect time to do it.




For the least amount of maintenance, consider planting in a box or in containers. Just remember the thriller, filler, spiller rule when planting in confined spaces. Don’t know it? Allow us to enlighten you!


Not all flowers are created equal. In a container pot, flowers have specific roles they can play. Some are thrillers. They rise tall out of a planter like fireworks on the Fourth. Tropicanna Canna, Blue Storm Lily of the Nile. Plant your thrillers in the center of the container where they can stand in all their glory. Around it, plant your filler. Fillers should be shorter than your thriller, forming a carpet of color just above the sides of the container. Good fillers should complement your thriller plant and will make your container look full and lush. Popular fillers are Baby’s Breath, Daisies, or Sedum. After that, you’ll want to plant your spiller. Spillers are trailing plants that hang over the side of your container to look like they are spilling out. Good choices this fall are Sweet Alyssum or Trailing Snapdragon.


There are a lot of great ways people use plants and flowers to freshen up the look of their homes or businesses. The most important rule is to have fun, be creative, and make something that you like. If you do, chances are good that others will like it too. 

Light Up the Night with Landscape Lighting

Want to take your landscaping to the next level? We’ve got one word for you: lighting. Landscape lighting is a key component of beautiful landscaping. Good lighting provides a focal point that will show guests where to look. It improves curb appeal based on the simple fact that visitors get to enjoy your landscaping longer since days get shorter in the fall. 


Not only that, but landscape lighting can also serve as an added security measure for your property. Thieves and burglars act like predators hunting prey, they choose the easiest target. If your home is lit up at night, it might be enough to make them choose somewhere else.


There are lots of options out there to choose from in terms of landscape lighting, but we recommend underground systems. These aren’t the cheapy little solar things you stick into the ground, but actual professional lighting systems installed by professionals. They do the job better than cheap lighting, they offer a better quality of light and last longer, and they are designed to keep a low profile during the day. 


If you need some inspiration or tips for landscape lighting on your property, check out our blog post 6 fall patio lighting ideas

Renovate Your Landscape

Have you noticed after a particularly rainy summer like the one we’ve just had that a lot of patios, decks, and sidewalks are looking a little- well- nasty? Whether they are black with mold or green with algae, the one thing they are not is clean.


That’s why we partnered with All Things New Pressure Washing, the Georgia pressure washing experts. Left unchecked, grime can eat away at the finish of your favorite outdoor area, causing stains, fading, or damage.


We’re adding a pressure washing option to all our fall landscaping options, in addition to landscape designs and lighting installs. That’s because we know just how important having an outdoor area can be when you need to get away from the noise. 

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