Our Services: What We Do In-House vs. What We Provide via Our Expert Partners

When it comes to landscape and outdoor care, we're often faced with requests for a wide array of services. From towering old trees in need of attention to gutters full of debris needing a cleaning, we’ve been asked to tackle it all.

However, upholding our commitment to integrity means recognizing that some tasks fall outside our expertise or specialized equipment. In these instances, we never leave a client without a solution and may choose to subcontract these services to specialists who can deliver the high standards of expertise and quality that our clients deserve, under our direction.

Here's a candid look at the services we handle directly and what services are managed by our expert partners:

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Services Performed By Our Expert Partners

At T. Lake, we're a comprehensive landscape architecture, land planning, and landscape contracting business. Our expertise spans residential, commercial, and industrial properties, covering everything from year-round maintenance to ambitious construction projects and essential environmental services.

Here's what we excel at and provide directly, without subcontracting:

1. Year-Round Maintenance: 

Year-round maintenance is our bread and butter! This means caring for your property in full including pest control, weed, leaf, and debris removal, as well as regular mowing, edging, and blowing. 

2. Comprehensive Construction: 

At T. Lake, we take pride in our expertise in landscape construction, from concept to completion, navigating the unforeseen challenges that often arise in projects that involve excavation. With our team of experienced professionals, we ensure that your construction project is executed to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

We handle everything for the design, permitting, construction and renovation of outdoor spaces, whether it be employee patios and pavilions to seawalls and retaining walls, fountains, memorial parks, bell towers, city streetscapes, university courtyards, parking lots, sidewalks, and more.  Of course, we plant trees and shrubs and install sod too!

3. Irrigation Solutions: 

A landscape is nothing without consistent watering! We provide irrigation installations, inspections, adjustments, repairs, seasonal shutdowns, and smart irrigation installations such as Weathermatic Smartlink.

4. Environmental Services: 

While we love maintaining and enhancing properties, there are instances where standard landscaping solutions just won't suffice and we’re up for the challenge! Some specialized services we offer are environmental services, erosion control, wastewater pond management, wildlife control, dust mitigation, and large-scale mowing and spraying.

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Services Performed By Our Expert Partners

At T. Lake, we're committed to doing things the right way, with the right materials, labor, and equipment. We don't believe in cutting corners just to turn a profit. Our dedication to quality means that sometimes we have to say "no." But don't mistake our "no" for abandonment; it's a commitment to ensuring you get the best service possible.

When we choose to subcontract services through our skilled partners, rest assured that we will continue to oversee all aspects of the process on your behalf. This approach saves you from the hassle of managing multiple contractors, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience in the long run.


Here's a list of services we prefer to subcontract and why:

1. Per-Cut Mowing & One-Time Mowing 

While we understand that occasional one-time mowing services may be necessary, we've found that our strengths lie in providing consistent, year-round landscaping services and lawn maintenance.

2. Tree Care

While we excel in tree and shrub pruning, we don't undertake work involving large, mature trees. Tree maintenance is a specialized and potentially hazardous task that requires certified arborists, specialized equipment like chainsaws and wood chippers, and safety measures beyond our primary focus.

3. Snow and Ice Management

Snow and ice management may not be a pressing concern in Georgia! But it's worth mentioning that we do not provide these services. The expertise and machinery required for such tasks are typically reserved for regions with more significant winter weather.

4. Gutter Cleaning 

Gutter cleaning, often associated with landscaping, isn't among our services. This type of work involves heights and specialized tools, and just as we don't handle tree work for safety reasons, we refrain from gutter cleaning for similar considerations.

5. Holiday Lighting

We love the joy that holiday lighting brings, especially in Georgia where snow is rare! But we want to be clear that holiday lighting services aren't part of what we do. It’s one of those things that we tried and succeeded at but found that it works best for companies that have a slow time in the winter. That’s not us! We rock our schedule all winter and leave this one to our friends at All Things New.

6. Pressure Washing

We understand that pressure washing can be a great way to remove debris, mold, rust, and stains from outdoor areas. However, we do not offer pressure washing services because they require specialized equipment and tools, such as pressure washers, hoses, and nozzles. 

7. Line-Voltage Electrical Work

Goes without saying!  This one demands licensed, skilled tradesmen, and we partner with some of the best to take care of our client’s needs. 

8. Swimming Pool Construction

We’ve designed and overseen the construction of some of the most stunning pools in the area.  We only deal with gunite pools, and engage the best shell, plaster, coping, and deck crews, so that our clients have pools that last a lifetime.

9. Septic Tank Services

Septic tanks, you say? Who wouldn’t want to dive into that adventure? But in all seriousness, septic tank issues can sometimes rear their not-so-pleasant heads right in your landscape, and since we are drainage experts, we get the swampy yard calls. Picture spongy patches of grass or mysterious puddles appearing on your once-pristine lawn.


Naturally, this often leads our clients to ask, "Hey, can you folks handle septic tank maintenance or repairs too?" We're flattered by your trust, but we’re not the septic tank superheroes you’re looking for! Septic tanks require specialized equipment, skilled labor, and tools that are best wielded by true experts. So, we'll happily cheer from the sidelines while the experts in the field tackle those issues!

Don’t Worry, T.LAKE has you covered!

While we may not directly handle some tasks, we won't leave you to fend for yourself!

What does that mean exactly? Well, we may not offer these services directly in-house but we will never fail to bring in a trusted contractor to help you get the job done.

Whether it's holiday lighting to add some sparkle to your property or a thorough pressure washing for your back patio, we've cultivated a network of trusted contractors. We ensure not only our work but theirs aligns with our commitment to excellence, providing you with the best service possible.

Whether you're looking for expertise in landscaping or need guidance on finding trustworthy subcontractors for your outdoor projects, T. Lake is your one-stop shop!

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