Comprehensive Landscape Services Span Across Georgia

Chances are, you've probably passed by quite a few of our projects without even realizing it. Next time you drive by Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville, or drive through Dublin City, take a moment to appreciate the landscape designs that might just be our handiwork!


At T. Lake, we don't limit ourselves to serving just one area near our office. We extend our services to encompass a wide range of locations, including areas but not limited to: Savannah, Macon, Dublin, Pooler, and Milledgeville, Georgia. 


So why not come and see for yourself? Take a closer look at some of the projects you may have already encountered. We invite you to explore the possibility that our work has already made an impact on your surroundings.


T. Lake Featured Projects and Services:

From the scenic city of Milledgeville to the vibrant hub of Dublin, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering as we offer a comprehensive range of landscape maintenance, landscape architecture, and construction services.

With each passing day, we eagerly embrace new opportunities to embark on projects across multiple regions in Georgia, consistently striving to exceed expectations.


Come take a look at some of the landscaping projects we have worked on in Georgia. Your city may just be on the list! 



Georgia College & State University 

We are proud to have been extensively involved with Georgia College and State University, situated in Milledgeville, Georgia.

In one of our previous projects, we drew inspiration from the distinctive architectural elements found on the grounds. With careful consideration, we curated a diverse selection of plants such as Magnolias, boxwoods, mondo, azaleas, camellias, fens, and hollies.

These additions beautifully complement the natural surroundings, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious landscape. To ensure the safety of pedestrians, we implemented large concrete bollards, effectively shielding them from nearby traffic and creating a secure environment.

However, our involvement at Georgia College and State University extends far beyond this project. We take immense pride in our comprehensive contributions to the university's landscape. We have had the privilege of enhancing both the landscape and hardscape in various areas around the grounds. These include:
  • The West Entrance
  • Bell Amphitheater 
  • Herty Greenhouse
  • The Peabody Garden
  • Parks Hall Formal Lawn 
  • Underwood House Paver Plaza
  • Beeson Hall Brick Plaza & Landscape
  • Historic Sallie Davis House 
  • Blackbridge House 
  • Liberty Street 
  • Bobcat Village 
  • West Campus

We take immense pride in our contributions to Georgia College and State University, and we remain dedicated to delivering exceptional work that enhances both functionality and aesthetics.

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Lake Sinclair Seawall Construction and Installation 

If you've ever driven past or spent time in the Lake Sinclair area, you're likely familiar with its scenic beauty. However, this picturesque site presented us with various challenges in terms of design and geographical intricacies. One of our clients, residing along the stunning lakefront, had a deteriorated seawall that required complete replacement with a modern alternative.


This endeavor involved clearing significant vegetation and overcoming a topographic relief of approximately 40 feet, making it a substantial undertaking for the T. Lake team. Despite the scope of the project, we set a deadline of two weeks to transform this space into a serene lakeside haven.


Despite encountering rain and a few setbacks along the way, we successfully constructed a modern segmental block wall. This design incorporated a robust gravel base to prevent any undermining of the foundations by critters. The modular concrete blocks, tightly interlocking with one another, formed a solid barrier against the sloping soil faces and water.


Spanning 200 feet in length and reaching heights of 5 to 6 feet, the wall necessitated a significant amount of stone and gravel. We utilized approximately 100 tons of 57 stone gravel, and 90 tons of riprap rock in 80-pound blocks, and incorporated three layers of geogrid for added stability.


By the project's completion, our client's property underwent a remarkable transformation, resulting in a stronger and more sustainable seawall that harmoniously coexists with the natural beauty of the lake.



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Dublin Median Renovation and Plantings 

Our Dublin City Median Project exemplifies how innovative solutions can be derived from challenging spaces. Located in Dublin, GA, Hillcrest Parkway serves as a bustling thoroughfare due to its proximity to schools, shopping centers, and the popular Kroger supermarket.

To address the increasing traffic demands, the city widened this two-lane parkway to a four-lane, resulting in accelerated traffic flow. Recognizing the need for traffic calming measures, the city decided to incorporate medians into the roadway and approached T. Lake for assistance in adding landscaping elements to their vision.


We carefully selected plants with upright growth habits, such as columnar sweet gum and oak, to prevent any conflicts with passing vehicles. Underplantings of switchgrass and muhly grasses were added for their drought tolerance and vibrant colors. Additionally, we incorporated traditional Georgia greenery, including holly and distylium, along the residential stretch of the corridor.


To support plant establishment in the absence of irrigation, we employed soil amendments such as Terrasorb polymer for water retention, as well as other biostimulants to enhance hardiness and root development. After completing the project, our team ensured an initial watering of the plantings using a 1,000-gallon water tank. Subsequently, the Fire Department took over the responsibility of weekly watering to foster the plants' growth and health.


Through thoughtful planning, adherence to safety protocols, and effective plant selection, our Dublin City Median Project demonstrates how even challenging spaces can be transformed into thriving and aesthetically pleasing landscapes.

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Erdrich Water Feature & Irrigation

At T.Lake, we don't just focus on hardscape and construction; we also take pride in providing our clients with efficient and sustainable irrigation systems.

One of our noteworthy projects involved collaborating with Erdrich Umformtechnik, a reputable German parts manufacturer located in Dublin, Georgia. They entrusted us with the task of designing and installing the landscape, hardscape, irrigation systems, and a captivating fountain for their first-ever American facility!


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Pool Construction at Pooler Apartments 


In early 2020, we were approached by McShane Construction, a renowned multi-family general contractor, to assist with a critical phase of a high-end multifamily development project in Pooler, Georgia.


The Pooler Apartment project had reached a pivotal point in its development, but the previous landscape company hired for the job had left the site incomplete and the irrigation systems compromised.


The T. Lake team quickly got to work and rectified any bad work that was done resulting in a desirable, viable residential complex. Our comprehensive approach involved installing hardscapes, rehabilitating the compromised irrigation systems, and meticulously tending to the planting of green areas, ensuring their optimal growth and vibrancy.


Collaborating closely with inspectors, landscape architects, and contractors, we upheld our commitment to uncompromising quality by meticulously overseeing every task. Through this collaborative effort, we ensured that each element of the project was completed to the highest standards, leaving no room for compromise.


By promptly addressing the deficiencies left by the previous landscape contractor, our diligent efforts resulted in a remarkable transformation that enhanced the appeal and profitability of Pooler Apartments. 



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Highridge Centre Landscaping and Irrigation 

Situated in a sought-after location we proudly serve, Highridge Centre in Macon, GA, is an office space that was long overdue for a remarkable transformation. Our team collaborated closely with the owners to unlock the space's full potential, starting with a much-needed repair and upgrade of the outdated irrigation system.


To ensure efficient water management, we went the extra mile by incorporating a rain sensor and an advanced irrigation controller. Additionally, we diligently replaced aging heads and nozzles throughout the system, optimizing its performance for years to come.


Our construction efforts were focused on enhancing the captivating entry corridor. Following the removal of a tree, we skillfully regraded the slope and introduced captivating ornamental grasses and Bermuda grass.

Additionally, we strategically relocated the existing planters to the main entry area, offering the perfect opportunity to introduce seasonal colors that brightened the corridor, adding to its visual appeal.

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