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Emergency Landscaping at Parc at Pooler Apartments

When it comes to commercial projects, large-scale or small, a lot is riding on the contractor you hire to complete your landscaping project. The right landscape sub will make you and the project look great; the wrong one will ding your profits, your reputation, and your relationship with the client.  When things go right, the work will be professional, efficient, safe and beautiful.


But when things go wrong, the results can be devastating. 


Parc at Pooler


In early 2020, T.Lake was contacted by the team at veteran multi-family general contractor McShane Construction to see if we could help them rescue a large-scale multifamily development project in Pooler, Georgia.  McShane had reached out to mega-landscape supplier SiteOne to find a capable landscape contractor in the Savannah market.


The high-end apartment complex was nearing the halfway point when trouble struck. In an unfortunate turn of events, the landscape company that had been handling the project defaulted, leaving the site unfinished, irrigation botched, and the developers in a panic. Without fast and decisive intervention from a reputable landscape company, the entire project was facing delayed CO's, which means delayed revenue for the Owners. 


T.Lake immediately assembled a team to put things right.


The site was in chaos when we arrived. Trees and shrubs held on site were left uncared for, irrigation systems were unfinished and badly installed, plants were installed too deep and poorly drained, and the vision of a high-end residential complex seemed like a distant pipe dream. The situation was not only a nightmare for the client but also the construction company and the vendors still awaiting payment. 


As with any large-scale project like this, the goal was to lease the apartments as quickly as possible to maximize profit. The longer the client waited, the more losses they risked accumulating. With speed and quality our top priorities, we priced the job and arranged to be on site within days. 

The T.Lake Touch


Our T.Lake crews set to work transforming the nightmare site into a desirable, viable residential complex. While of course a lot of the work centered on installing hardscapes, fixing the irrigation systems, and making sure that green areas were planted and ready to flourish, our teams also worked with building inspectors, landscape architects, and contractors to make sure that every task was completed to the highest standards to maximize leasing potential. 


Within a few weeks, the T.Lake team had transformed the site from a nightmare to a dream apartment complex, with all the detail and efficiency you would expect from one of our projects. Swampy messes were regraded and replaced with beautiful paving and greenery, and an updated irrigation system was installed to ensure maximum cost and environmental efficiency. 


Not only did our work on the project assist the client, but everyone else involved too. The property was sold within weeks of us finishing and is now home to hundreds of happy families in the Pooler area. 


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