Brightview Vs Yellowstone Vs T.Lake

Looking for lawn care or landscape maintenance for your commercial property? There are a lot of reasons to choose a professional landscape management company instead of just a “landscaper.” But once you’ve narrowed it down to a few good companies, how can you know who will best meet your needs?

Every good landscape services provider will have a slightly different approach and personality. Today we’d like to highlight a couple of our competitors and discuss how we are—not necessarily better—but different.

Both Yellowstone and Brightview are well-established commercial landscape companies for whom we have a lot of respect. Let’s start with Yellowstone.

Yellowstone: Accurate Bidding, Quality Landscape Service  

As a friendly competitor, I feel confident in saying that Yellowstone is a good, solid company that does high end, good quality work. They are a major commercial landscaping company with operations in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas. Despite their widespread geographic presence, we give kudos to Yellowstone for doing a lot of positive outreach in our local community.

Yellowstone’s bidding  is very accurate. They use the same template across the country, and they have it down to a science. You won’t have to worry about them underbidding your property and not being able to perform.

Brightview: A Good Choice For The Big Guns

Brightview is by far the largest landscaping company in the nation, so it’s not surprising they have a presence here in Georgia.

Brightview specializes in commercial landscaping, too. However, this company targets larger properties such as big industrial sites. If you have a smaller or more intimate property they will likely refer you elsewhere.

Like Yellowstone, Brightview will give you very accurate bidding. They have good equipment and skilled guys. Brightview is a good company and will give you a fair price. They’re here to stay, not fly-by-night.

T.Lake Environmental Services: Local Service, Local Knowledge

So where do we fit in?

Admittedly, we are a smaller company than either Yellowstone or Brightview. But with two locations and 27 years of service under our belt, we’re big enough and established enough to be your trusted service provider. In fact, we have a lot in common with the bigger companies: we’re licensed and insured; our trained crews come uniformed and in clean, labeled trucks; and of course we do quality work.

But there are times when being just a little smaller can be an advantage. Here are a few examples:

  • Lower overhead. We run a tight ship. Our overhead is much less than either Yellowstone’s or Brightview’s, so we can often be price-competitive without cutting corners.
  • Local knowledge.  A large company like Brightview or Yellowstone will have a large-scale template. The same thing that goes in Houston, TX and southern Florida is what you’ll get here, even though they’re dealing with completely different climates and plants. Management can be unfamiliar with local conditions; you could have a California guy transferred in to run a Georgia location. Not so with us. All of our templates and equipment are set up for Southeast landscaping. And we have amassed a lot of specialized local knowledge over the years.
  • Seamless service. Where there is a corporate structure, there is often a disconnect between management and the people in the field. At T.Lake, we don’t have a “corporate team”,  “regional team,” and “branch team.” We have ONE team, and only ONE  phone number per branch that you can call to get every question answered, without the runaround.
  • Versatile. Got a smaller commercial property? The bigger companies may not want to deal with you, but we will. We do residential properties, too. And we do everything in house—no subcontracting, so you’ll know exactly who you’re dealing with.

Commercial and Residential Landscaping Services for Georgia and the Southeast

When selecting any service provider, it’s important that you find one that is a good fit for your needs. We encourage you to call Brightview and Yellowstone if you’re looking for commercial landscaping. Talk to them. Find out what they can do for you. And then call us. You can reach our Macon office at 478-750-7733, or speak with our East Dublin team at 478-272-3878. Or, fill out this simple online request form and we’ll talk to you soon!

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