Tree Trimming Cost (vs. The Potential Cost of Doing Nothing)

“What does tree trimming cost?”

Like many pricing questions, this one has no simple answer. Instead, let me give you the lowdown on what goes into tree trimming cost estimation, so you can better understand the bids you receive.

Ground Vs. Technical Tree Trimming Cost

First, let’s clarify that we classify tree trimming services into two distinct categories:

  1. Tree pruning or trimming work that can be done from the ground or from a low-level platform
  2. Technical tree trimming work, which has to be done from a bucket truck or by climbing.

The two types of service require very different levels of skill, training and equipment. These will be reflected in the bid. For the purposes of this blog we will focus on what can be done from the ground, as opposed to major arboricultural work.

what does tree trimming cost

Tree Trimming Is Skilled Labor

Even for ground work, nearly any kind of tree trimming necessitates dealing with branches and limbs overhead. This of course presents an immediate safety component, and calls for a minimal level of competency on the part of the employees doing the work.

Tree trimming is not work you want to assign to a novice or unskilled employee because it requires the use of chainsaws, pole operated chainsaws, and similar equipment. This is work for someone who has many hours of training and experience. Any employee entrusted to do tree trimming work needs to be trained in safe operation and service of the equipment in compliance with insurance requirements, otherwise you have huge liability for injury and/or damage to property. Proper training costs money, which ultimately must get factored into the cost of tree trimming work.

Other Factors That Contribute To The Cost Of Tree Trimming Services

In addition to the expense of training and certifying employees, one must also factor in the cost of safety gear. Any employee involved in tree trimming work needs to have proper eye and ear protection, at a minimum. If it’s overhead work (which in most cases it is), they also need a hard hat. High quality gloves and cut-resistant chainsaw chaps are also in order.

Finally, there’s the cost of insurance, and this is something you don’t want to skip. If the company you hire doesn’t have workers’ comp and something happens, it’s your insurance that gets hit.  

As you can imagine, these factors add up. However, like any safety-related service, putting off or ignoring the need for tree trimming is not recommended.

Whether you are faced with tree limbs overhanging your driveway, parking lot, or roof; branches that can interfere with utilities and/or lighting; or dead wood in the vicinity of your yard or play area, any trees in need of structural pruning have the potential for big impact—literally.  

tree trimming cost

I don’t want to get morbid but having been in the landscape business for over 30 years I have witnessed my share of unnecessary damage and loss both to property such as buildings and pricey cars and—tragically—of human life and limb.

What You Can Expect To Budget For Tree Trimming

The next logical step after discussing what goes into a tree trimming bid might be to deliver a ballpark range for tree trimming costs. Unfortunately, the scope of work from one job to the next is so variable that such a figure is nearly impossible to quote, except to say that the cost of tree trimming varies widely based on the level of work that has to be performed and other factors such as scope, type of landscape, and accessibility.

That said, we are happy to provide you with a custom quote. If you have tree trimming work you’d like a bid on, just give us a call at 478-750-7733 and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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