The Lake Family Wood Working

We’ve had quite a few people ask about the tables that Tim was making out of the tree from his parent's business. We wanted to show you how the first top turned out and share a little bit of inspiration from Tim’s experience.
About 40 years ago, Tim’s mom, Billie Jean,  bought a sugar maple in the mountains and planted it at Lake's Alignment.  Tim told her that sugar maples can't take the heat in the coastal plain, but she assured him it would be beautiful.  And it was.  Every fall the tree was a glowing ball of yellow-orange maple tree perfection.  Billie Jean passed away in 2011, and unfortunately, the tree was split in a 2021 storm. He had the maple, along with an ancient black pine downed at his parents' home, sawn into live edge slabs. Tim has dabbled in woodworking for years, but this wood needed to be made into something special.


“I thought we could bring it full circle and show everyone the finished product, even though this was a test piece,” he says of the table. “This table really means a lot to many of us, because of the history, the connection to mama, and the fact that my sons and my father helped.  I call it Billie Jean's table.”

Doing special legacy projects like this that have a connection to loved ones can celebrate family. Getting other family members involved, especially children, helps make projects even more special.


Time has a way of flying by, and putting down the phones, unplugging from the electronics, and coming together to make something that very well will outlive you is a terrific way to pay it forward for future generations of the family.

Today we ponder, "What kind of legacy are you leaving?"

We hope that you finish out the 2022 year by investing in your family just a little bit more, perhaps with a special project like this. It’s a great idea for holidays, school breaks, or any time when family members get together throughout the year.

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