Teaming Up With Technology: The Future Of Robotic Mowing

The future of landscaping looks a lot different than it did a few decades ago. As the use of automation increases, landscaping companies are quickly turning to automated equipment to perform yard maintenance that takes client service to the next level. 

Rest assured, you don’t need to worry about your lawn being taken over by R2-D2s. Just think of them as a T. Lake team member with your personal preferences pre-programmed in. We can’t wait to show you what this technology can do!


What if we told you that there was a way to address the green industry labor shortage, maximize productivity, and maintain a high level of quality control all in one? Well, we can! And the answer is robotic mowing. The Wright, Stander ZK is a gas-fueled mower with a 40-horsepower engine powered through autonomous software, Greenzie

wright automower

Greenzie software allows for seamless integration of our robotic mower that provides detailed mapping, customization, reporting, and even real-time progress to ensure the highest level of precision and efficiency in your lawn care. 


Greenzie has come a long way since its early days at Georgia Tech. When Tim Lake and Robert Arrington first visited, the robotic mowing was still in progress - but now they are fully operational. It's funny how things come full circle. Back then, they were busy chasing girls and now they've turned their attention to furthering their careers through Greenzie's revolutionary products. And now we can all benefit from these amazing robotic mowers!


Despite the mower's advanced technology, the Greenzie software makes it a rather intuitive experience. The software utilizes robotic sensors while still allowing for a standard manual operation. Greenzie software uses a GPS and an inertial measurement unit to map the boundaries of a site. Waypoints are then generated for the mower to follow, resulting in an automatic mower that can cut within defined boundaries. 

Essentially, the robotic mower uses its advanced sensors to create a map of the lawn and then mows it in that crisp, symmetrical mowing stripe we all know and love. It can even increase its efficiency over time just like a lawn care professional does with experience. The mower commences operation at a speed of seven miles per hour, attains 100% overlap efficiency, and enables our landscape technicians to concentrate on other important tasks such as edging, trimming, and pruning. This has already been an enormous game-changer for our clients!



As we advance with technology, some folks are concerned that we will need to get out of the way for automation to take over. That is simply not the case at T. Lake. We think of automation as another valuable team member (that doesn’t need a bathroom break!).


Human interaction is still a major part of our process and everyday operations - automatization is just an added layer that allows us to tackle any speed bumps that come our way, like unpredictable weather, labor shortages, and dreaded call-offs. 

At T. Lake, we aren’t afraid of change. We embrace it. The future of landscaping is here and we are so excited to continue to team up with technology in this ever-growing industry! 

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