t. Lake - Your one-stop-shop for landscape needs

2022 is a special year for T. Lake Environmental Design – it marks our 32nd birthday! One of the best things about three decades in business is just how we’ve truly become a comprehensive service provider to our clients.

We always say, “We got your back. If you’ve got a problem, we’ve got you covered.” That’s quite true - it was when we started and it remains true now. 

T. Lake is your provider of:
  • Lawn Care 
  • Tree and shrub services
  • Landscaping services – large or small
  • Landscape architecture and design
  • Annual flower displays
  • Seasonal container options



What’s kind of fun is to look at the big picture of how we provide those services to you. While we provide a holistic suite of landscaping services, many of these things require specialty equipment to do them well and efficiently.

Our most recent acquisition is a giant leaf vacuum. We also rely on our tract mowers to keep yards trimmed and tidy, along with our mammoth 22-foot-wide mower. Did you know that a mower that size could almost mow a two-lane road with no problem?


We also have a 75-horsepower mower and the workhorses of our operation, the mini skid steers. The great thing about skid steers is that there are so many attachments and uses for these guys.

For example, we have boring attachments that allow us to bore under driveways and pavements. We also have a dji drone for taking phones and videos that you see on our website, but we also use it to inventory large commercial properties. 


We're here to help! Send us a message to get started. 

Topics: Commercial Landscape Maintenance