New at T. Lake: Husqvarna Automowers

New technological advances never cease to amaze us. One of the best things about technology, however, is that sometimes the more it evolves, the simpler it becomes. That’s what we’re loving about the Husqvarna Automower. You’d think a robotic lawn mower would be complicated, but it only has three parts: the mower, the charging station, and a boundary wire. All play important roles in making robot mowing one of the easiest and safest ways to mow your lawn.


There’s no need to worry about a Husqvarna Automower® going rogue and causing damage to the property. That boundary wire lets us set exactly where you want the lawn mowing to happen, and keeps the robotic mower away from where you don’t. This installation process is precise and customized to your yard - it ensures the automower will never mow outside of it. A built-in collision sensor also stops the low-speed automower if it should gently bump something and send it in a new direction.



After more than 20 years of experience in the automower marketplace, Husqvarna has several proven safety features that protect pets, children, and unexpected yard objects from injury or damage. Instead of traditional, fixed heavy blades, Husqvarna Automowers use thin, pivoting blades that fold away when they encounter an obstacle. If the automower is lifted, cutting immediately stops. Temporary obstacles - fallen fruit, pine cones, balls, etc. - are either passed over or, if large enough, will stop the automower and redirect it to a new location. No more worrying about accidentally running these things through a mower and making a mess! 


Finally, one of the best features of the Husqvarna Automower is that you are in complete control. You can set when you want it to mow and when it should simply charge. This gives you and your family the ultimate peace of mind when you want to enjoy your yard … and when you want your automower to punch in and get to work. And it can work around the clock - Husqvarna Automowers are electric-powered, making them so quiet, that you won’t even hear the mowing at all.


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