Meet Our New Office Manager: Donna Davis

If you’ve ever called the office here at T. Lake Environmental Design, chances are pretty good you’ve already spoken to Donna Davis. Donna is the office manager here at the Dublin office, so she’s the first person most of our customers speak to. Lucky ducks.


Meet Donna Davis


But Donna’s role goes way beyond that. She came to us with tons of valuable accounting experience, and she handles our invoicing, payroll, and a lot of our HR tasks as well. To say Donna wears many hats is to say a forest has a lot of trees. She does EVERYTHING around here!

About Donna

Though she lives in Dublin, she spent her early life in Cookeville Tennessee. She still has lots of relatives in Tennessee and goes back to visit whenever she can to catch up on family time and eat lots of chocolate gravy (it’s a Tennessee thing, but you should probably Google it).


Donna loves a Fall day when the weather starts to cool and the trees show their colors. She loves flowers, and couldn’t begin to choose a favorite. She has four kids from 16-20 who she takes to the mountains or the beach as often as she can.


Here's a photo of her kids!

Donna Davis Family

Ready to Make A Difference

She’s only been with T. Lake since the end of July, but Donna is set to make a big splash. She’s a self-starter and appreciates an environment where she’s free to approach tasks in her own unique way.


She’s an outside-the-box thinker and we can’t wait to hear her ideas on how we can improve our use of technology, reduce our paper footprint, and take better advantage of software.


So next time you call in, be sure to say hi to Donna, and if you get a chance, ask her about that chocolate gravy.

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