Employee Spotlight: Meet Wayne Chamness

A new systematic approach is being implemented in our Landscape Maintenance Division, and Wayne Chamness is leading the charge.  He joined the team as our Maintenance Operations Manager last June. Since then, Wayne has been busy fostering a group that fits the company culture while developing systems for more efficient maintenance of our client’s properties.

A significant task he has implemented is the development of process maps for properties, so the crew knows the plan when they arrive at a site.  This lets us service a site with optimal efficiency, so we can do a better job in less time. Coupled with overseeing and training the teams in the maintenance division and developing bids for new properties, Wayne has been a very busy guy since he came on board.

Wayne Chamness, Landscape Maintenance Operations Manager at T.Lake

Wayne comes to T. Lake with a manufacturing and distribution background.  He previously worked in the production and scheduling side of the manufacturing industry.  He says he enjoys the change of pace here at T. Lake. “Like every  company, T. Lake has its moments, but in keeping with T.Lake Core Value 3, No Drama, there’s really no undue stress. Everybody gets along with no backstabbing or any of that sort of thing. I can trust the people I work with, and that’s one thing I really like.”

Family and Golf

When he isn’t at work, you have an excellent chance of finding Wayne in one of two places: the golf course, or working in his yard.  When he is at home, he is usually spending time with his three grandchildren and his three dogs.  “They love swimming; we swim a lot,” he says of his grandkids.  “They also love to go to the beach.  We go to Hilton Head a lot.”

Wayne and his wife Melissa like to travel, and they take the grandchildren when it’s convenient.  They most recently went for a weekend to the Great Wolf Lodge in LaGrange, Georgia.  The grandkids loved the excitement of spending the night in a motel and getting to spend quality time on an adventure with their grandparents. 

Glad to have you with us, Wayne!

The secret to Wayne’s success at T. Lake is patience and honesty.  “I do have patience. I think it helps with our employees and with our customers too. It helps them know that they can trust me.”  Wayne says.  We love that quality about him too.  "Wayne is a steady hand in what can be a volatile, accelerator-to-the-floor service line" says company President  Tim Lake.  "The Maintenance Division requires constant adjustments due to weather, client requests, dozens of pieces of equipment, and trucks running from south of Atlanta to North of Savannah.  It can be crazy."

We also love his honesty. When we talked to Wayne, he told us, “A lot of times you get in situations where people just tell you what you want to hear – I’m not that way. I don’t do that. If I can’t have the trust and faith of my employees, what good is it?“

Another point that we agree totally with, and that fits right in with T. Lake's core company values.  That’s why we consider Wayne a great employee and look forward to working with him every day.

If you are the type of person who values patience, honesty, and hard work, consider coming to work with us at T. Lake.  Head over to our careers page and fill out the form, and we will start the conversation!


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