T. Lake’s 2016 Landscaping Trends For Macon GA

2015 is coming to an end. Rather than wax nostalgic, we thought we’d set our sights on the year ahead: The unfolding of 12 more months of beauty.  

Trends can sometimes be hard to anticipate, but we feel pretty confident about sticking our neck out to predict Macon’s hottest landscaping trends for 2016 — at least where landscape design is concerned!

Perennial Flowers  

perennial flowers are a landscaping trend for Macon GA in 2016

Most landscape designs in Macon right now are dominated by shrubbery. We think that’s about to change. We’re starting to see more of an interest in perennial flowers in our area, and we expect that trend to continue.  

t’s good to carefully choose several complementing varieties to span the seasons. We like to choose plants that have a longer bloom time for maximum effect. Our top flowering perennial picks to plant in 2016 include:

  • salvia
  • dianthus
  • irises
  • shasta daisies
  • daylilies

Flowering perennials offer a more cost-effective way to achieve that seasonal color change-up we all desire rather than relying completely on annuals. Big pockets of them en masse between the shrubbery yield waves of low-maintenance color that repeat their show-stopping displays year after year.

Geometric Patterning In Flower Beds

geometric patterning in flower beds is a landscaping trend for Macon GA in 2016

We’re starting to see exciting changes in annual color. It’s definitely becoming more elaborate and out of the box. Layers are still in, but geometric shapes, stripes, and patterns are stealing the show.

A great local example is Comsouth in Hawkinsville — a great use of color and pattern for a sharp-looking display!

Organic And Natural Lawn Care Options

natural lawn care is a landscaping trend for Macon GA in 2016

Another trend that’s just starting to hit this part of Georgia is an interest in organic and natural lawn care options. Whether you are concerned for the health of your children and pets, want a wildlife-friendly lawn, or simply want to limit the number of chemicals in your life, we get it.

While our warm, damp climate makes it difficult to maintain a perfect lawn using strictly organic measures, we do have some tricks up our sleeve. One is a simple, make at home Round-Up alternative made from vinegar, salt, and water. Ask if you’re interested!

Edible Landscaping

edible landscaping is a landscaping trend for Macon GA in 2016

A gorgeous landscape is a treat for the eyes. How much more delightful when it treats the taste buds, too! We’re getting more and more requests for edibles in the landscape, and we predict a sharp spike in this trend in 2016.

Edible landscaping includes everything from beautiful raised bed vegetable gardens to fruiting trees and shrubs. But it doesn’t stop there. Many vegetables offer tons of color and texture as well as taste.

Strategically placed, a vining squash, feathery carrots or ruffled lettuce can become stunning accents or a magnificent backdrop for flowering annuals. Herbs, too, are delightful, and many are perennial, so you can enjoy your edible landscaping for many seasons to come.

Seasonal Planters

seasonal planters are a landscaping trend for Macon GA in 2016

Pots are making a comeback. They’re a fun and practical way to make that bold statement, even with limited space or budget. Planter arrangements can be whimsical, fun and different, especially because there is such a variety of plants that do well in containers.

Texture grasses are big, along with anything with interesting leaves. Even edibles are making an appearance!

Container plantings aren’t limited to annuals, nor to residential areas. We recently did a makeover at the Macon mall, where we re-did all the planters with a mixture of perennials. Look for more in 2016!

Make A Trendsetting Statement With Your Macon Landscaping In 2016

The vision for the space is yours. Our job is to realize it. Are you ready to set trends with your Macon GA landscaping this year?

We meet with all our clients on-site and interview them: to evaluate the possibilities of the area and gain an intimate understanding of what it is you want and need from your environment.

Give us a call at 478-750-7733, or contact us online to speak with one of our landscape design specialists!


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Images: Shasta daisy, Lawn, Carrots