The Cubes at River Park

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An excellent showcase of our abilities and dedication is The Cubes at River Park project, situated in Jackson, GA. Our company took part in this significant commercial landscaping venture contributing from August 2022 to March 2023.

The client's expectations were crystal clear: they required a trustworthy landscaper who could adhere to deadlines, stay within budget, and uphold safety and professionalism. Our team had already earned the client's trust based on our commendable track record and consistent performance in past undertakings.

The project's scope was extensive, encompassing grading, irrigation, and landscape installation. With meticulous attention, we installed over 70,000 square feet of sod, extensive seeding areas, 17,000 feet of irrigation pipe, 66 shade trees, 300 shrubs, and 1250 groundcovers, completely transforming the site.

To ensure access to top-tier materials, we formed a partnership with SiteOne, a reputable supplier of landscaping and irrigation products. Sodmasters provided the Bermuda sod, aligning perfectly with the project's specific needs.

Of course, the project came with its share of challenges. Persistent heavy rain on Georgia's red clay soil proved to be a significant hurdle for the team. Adaptability and perseverance were crucial in successfully navigating these adverse conditions. Furthermore, collaborating with other trades on-site demanded efficient coordination to keep the project on track.

Undoubtedly, our team rose to the occasion. We utilized project management tools to streamline workflows and ensure all contractors met their deadlines.

The end result was a testament to our commitment to professionalism and skill. The Cubes at River Park now feature an inviting and visually pleasing landscape, enhancing the property's value and leaving a lasting positive impression on all who visit or occupy the space.

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