YKK Corp Landscape Maintenance

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To better understand what a professional landscape company like T. Lake can do for your Georgia business, it’s worth taking a look at one of our longest-running commercial clients, YKK Corporation.

YKK has been our client for more than 27 years, and during that time we have helped them establish and maintain high standards for the company's 350-acre AP (Aluminum Products) America headquarters. The site, located in Dublin, Georgia, not only houses a large-scale manufacturing plant but also serves as a flagship meeting point for international clients.  As with all our commercial clients, our maintenance regime has been shaped by the unique landscape and practical requirements of running a global manufacturing plant. 


The site is roughly divided into two parts, with one side boasting finely-manicured guest entrances, walkways, and seating areas, and the other mostly consisting of detention ponds, drainage ways, fence lines, and miles of curbing. 


Although they require very different maintenance approaches, both sides are equally important. Luckily our skilled Georgia maintenance crew is expert at balancing “top-shelf and rough”, and works hard to implement our year-long, seasonal upkeep regime. This includes everything you would expect - mowing, trimming, weed, leaf, and debris removal - as well as more specialist services like herbicide treatments, integrated pest management, and landscape lighting and irrigation management. 

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