Sanctuary neighborhood Communal Space

Our intent was to develop a master-planned community based on new urbanist design concepts and traditional southern architectural styles.

The development will be comprised of several small villages of dif ferent housing types, arranged to preserve forest green space by working with the land and clustering around village parks. Pedestrian, bicycle and electric cart travel will be encouraged by design.

A compact town center will provide work/live space and basic services for residents of the community and the surrounding area. A high-density urban village will flank the town center on one side, with a natural park and residences. Densities will drop as you move away from the town center, transitioning into a traditional neighborhood village with sidewalks, front porches and rear-entry garages.

The TND gives way to cluster homes tucked among the slopes in the manner of European hill villages. Estate homes will solidify the rural character of the area in the open pasture lands with larger lots and lower density. A high bluff at the southern tip of the site is the perfect spot for the community clubhouse. The western shore presents a broad, low grassy area that will serve both as a water quality improvement buffer and greenspace for residents’ enjoyment.