Residential Pool & Hardscaping

The beautiful curves and proportions of this elegant free-form pool and pavilion were not created by accident. The entire project was designed to incorporate the very same formula that lies behind many of Nature’s most exquisite creations: the Fibonacci sequence. The famous mathematical pattern finds expression in the proportions of the roof, height, length, depth, and openings of the pavilion and pump house as well as the curves of the pool.  

Complimenting these is a beach entry, natural stone accents, LED pool lighting, recirculating waterfall and heated spa all graced by a beautiful bronze mermaid. The result is a beautiful and relaxing backyard paradise with classical appeal, suitable for entertaining large groups while still functioning as a private retreat for its owners.

Worldly Influences

Veteran travelers, the owners of this project wanted to incorporate the feel of various resorts from around the world into their backyard getaway. This was in part accomplished through materials selection. Natural stone is featured extensively throughout the project, including a Tennessee stone that brings to mind the ruggedness of a mountain stream. Coquina, a Caribbean limestone containing fossilized seashells, lends a tropical feel.

In contrast to the stone accents, stained and textured concrete provides a slip-resistant surface for the pool deck. The material is cool and easy on the feet, and the stain is integral to the slab for durable color that won’t crack or peel off.

In keeping with Georgia tradition, the pavilion features brick and the hard plaster stucco so prevalent here in the South. The overall light color palette creates a breezy, comfortable appearance that helps keep guests cool on hot, humid days.

Special mention should be made of the natural stone steps leading away from pavilion. The site presented a considerable slope, unusual for that part of state. While the stones could be placed mechanically, each had to be moved and tweaked by hand into its final location with pry bars and good old fashioned hard labor.

A Special Blend Of Convenience And Magic

Just as the client envisioned and asked, the pool area is an absolutely magical space. On a cool morning you can sit in the small circular dining terrace and watch the most beautiful fog slowly make its way through the pavilion and down the back slope like a scene from a 19th century novel.

But don’t let the classic aesthetics overshadow the purpose of the place. The pavilion is equipped with everything needed to entertain a crowd, including a small entertainment kitchen, big screen TV for watching ball games, restroom, and changing rooms. Both rooms flanking the pavilion feature Caribbean-inspired double French doors that can be opened to the cooling breezes to keep guests comfortable on even the hottest of days.

Ultimately, this is a project that invites like few others and gives the impression of being 5-star resort in some far-away paradise, right here in central Georgia.

Looking For A Getaway?

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