Memorial Park in Downtown Dudley

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Our team was honored to create a meaningful tribute park in downtown Dudley, dedicated to the memory of law officer Dylan Harrison. The Bank of Dudley and the Hogan family entrusted us with this project, strategically placing it across from the Dudley Post Office and adjacent to a mural-adorned building.

In our commitment to this project, we diligently installed an irrigation system, thoughtfully planted a selection of trees, meticulously laid fresh sod, and adorned the park with an inspiring network of lights, flagpoles, and a pedestal featuring a memorial plaque.

Today, this park stands as a beautiful and serene sanctuary, offering the community a meaningful space to visit and pay their respects to Officer Harrison. In this way, we hope to ensure that his memory is forever etched into the very fabric of our city, a reminder of his dedicated service and sacrifice.
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