Toyota Landscape Construction

As a highly visible site on a busy corridor, the Five-Star Toyota dealership in Milledgeville, Georgia, needed some real curb appeal to showcase the newest Toyota and Dodge dealerships.

“Five Star is an innovative, aggressive and successful organization,” says Tim Lake, president of T. Lake Environmental Design. “They are forward-thinking and customer-focused. They have designed every aspect of their new facilities to increase efficiency while enhancing the customer experience.”

Overcoming Landscape Obstacles

Automotive dealerships pose special challenges. Balancing the need to showcase vehicles without obstructing the view to those vehicles yet still meet local landscape codes is not always easy.  Add the fact that trees bring leaves and birds, both of which are unfriendly to maintaining that new car shine on the lot. With limited landscaping space due to the dealership maximizing the parking lot space, the design team at T. Lake had to make the most of the available green area, while respecting these restraints.In addition to the limited landscape area, the installation team also had a compressed time frame and were not able to get on the site until the last minute. There were intense and frequent rain events that made it difficult to get work done, and explosives experts had to use dynamite to remove a huge layer of rock on the upper portion of the site. The job was literally finishing up as hundreds of cars were being moved onto the lot.

Making An Impact

The T.Lake team provided a number of different landscaping services to make the property as sustainable as it was eye catching:
  • Landscaping architecture and site design
  • Site grading
  • Sculpting and berming landscape areas
  • Top soiling
  • Irrigation installation
  • Landscape installation
  • Sodding
“We sculpted the turf areas to create a golf course feel,” Lake says, due to the dealership’s proximity to Georgia’s noted Lake Country golf resorts.The team also enhanced the aesthetic value and sustainability by installing native plants, ornamental grasses and perennials. To insure proper grow-in and return on investment for Five Star, T.Lake’s grounds maintenance division visits the site weekly to provide mowing and expert horticultural care.

Need Landscaping In Milledgeville GA?

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