Gully Branch

The Heart Pine pavilion that overhangs the waters of the surrounding manmade lake was the inspiration for the native and organic plant palette chosen to reflect the attitude of the owners. The pavilion is used for various educational classes and excursions, family reunions and gatherings, as well as social entertainment.

T. Lake Environmental Design used a variety of plants found in the surrounding woods and fields of Gully Branch. Berry producing shrubs and trees, sweeps of grasses and aquatic plants, were chosen to provide food and shelter for wildlife as well as seasonal interest to the human eye.

An irregular stone landing was designed and installed by T. Lake at the front of the pavilion. A matching irregular stone walkway meanders through the small lawn and joins the landing area to the porous, limestone driveway. Lighting was strategically installed to highlight the driveway, surrounding pines, antique millstone and pavilion facade.