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MaNaging The Land

Environmental services offered in Georgia can include everything from brushhogging and mowing to wetland mitigationNot every landscaping job results in lawn striping and newly planted flowers. And sometimes a job might go unnoticed, be underappreciated and go on behind the scenes.

That doesn't make it any less important.

Enter: Environmental services.

From feral hog control to retention pond maintenance, land services were never designed to win your property any beauty pageants. They are, however, a necessity when it comes to site sustainability, preservation and staying up to code. 

Examples of T. Lake Environmental Design's environmental services include:

  • environmental permitting and compliance assistance
  • heavy brush and (aquatic) vegetation management
  • erosion control
  • waste water pond maintenance
  • wildlife control
  • dust mitigation
  • large scale mowing and spraying
  • upland mitigation and wetlands mitigation

When you are ready to start a discussion about the projects and challenges surrounding your landscape, fill out our contact form. You can also call our East Dublin office at 478-272-3878 or Macon office at 478-750-7733.

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